Sunday, 27 October 2019

Building Organizational Chart with Office 365 data on Power Apps

Here, you will see how to build organizational chart on PowerApps.

Let us consider to have users list along with search box, to enable simple user search. On click of any user from the list, organizational chart will be shown.

Let us include following elements, to show organization structure on the PowerApps.
  1. Text box for search
  2. Gallery list for showing users
  3. Gallery list for showing manager information
  4. Gallery list for showing user reportees.

The following snapshot shows the preview of organizational chart.
Final Result: Organization Chart shown on PowerApps [Content Morphed]
Final Result: Organization Chart shown on PowerApps [Content Morphed]

Thursday, 10 October 2019

PowerApps - App to Show Microsoft Teams members using MS Graph API

Microsoft PowerApps helps business/teams in building quick OOB apps. This post helps understanding, how to get access to Microsoft Teams data from PowerApps using custom connectors.

Why there is a need for custom connector? Microsoft has introduced lot of connectors on PowerApps interface to get access to the data. The Office 365 connectors included in Microsoft PowerApps are office 365 users, mails, etc. The custom connectors are created for the data, which is not exposed as connectors readily. The custom connectors are common for both Flow and PowerApps.

We are leveraging Microsoft Graph API as data sources for this app, and to be connected as custom connectors on Microsoft PowerApps. 

The following snapshot shows the end result, showing data from MS Teams on MS PowerApps using MS Graph API.
Demo App to Show MS Teams Data
Demo App to Show MS Teams Data

Let us look at step by step approach for achieving the functionality.