Saturday, 4 January 2020

Ask Alexa to search for a Microsoft Team – Integration of Amazon Alexa Skill with MS Team using Azure Functions and Graph API

The article helps understand how to integrate your Amazon Alexa with Microsoft team using Azure functions and Microsoft Graph API. The use case demonstrated here is finding a team on Microsoft Teams via Alexa. You can implement plenty of use cases.

This requires the following components.
  • Amazon's Alexa developer console for testing, and Alexa device for real demo.
  • Azure Subscription - Azure function to host request/response code for Alexa device, which integrates with Microsoft Graph API
  • Office 365 tenant - with Microsoft Teams enabled. 

Configure Skills on Alexa Console

From the Amazon Alexa console (, create a custom skill. The following steps has to be created on the console.
  • Create invocation utterance - This is the skill invocation keywords on Alexa. In my case, invocation would be “team finder”
Invocation your skill by saying team finder
Invocation your skill by saying team finder